Call for International Lecturers

Have you experienced depression and isolation?
Have you heard about the high suicide rate in your neighborhood or area and have wondered if there’s anything you could do to help?

We are here to aid you.

At Light Ring., We want more people to know about the issues and current situation regarding suicide countermeasures and mental health of young people.
We are also focusing on disseminating information to society. We aim to educate the society about the actual situation of youth suicide and depression from a youth perspective and tips for preventing suicide and depression.
If you would like to request a lecture / training, please apply using the form below.
Lecture and training expenses will be used carefully as funds for corporate activities.


Three features of Light Ring. Lecture / Training

・Lectures will be given to meet various needs, focusing on the prevention of suicide and depression among young people.
・Participatory lectures and training that incorporate hands-on exercises will be held.
・We will teach you “practical actionables” such as basic knowledge and skills that the audience can use immediately.

Lecture theme

・Thinking about youth suicide-Actual conditions and countermeasures seen from a youth perspective-
・What is pressuring the younger generation?
・Current state of “depression” focusing on young people – Job hunting depression – New type depression-
・”Tips for dealing with young people who are not good at communication”
・What are the difficulties of living for young people?
・Characteristics of young people who commit suicide
・Behavioral science that promotes the belief “humans help each other in difficult times”
・What can be seen from the support of young people
・What to do when you notice something unusual and the best way to listen to the story of depressed person (we will arrange a specific workshop for this)
・How to create a place that is friendly and accepting for people (especially depressed ones)
・Transforming your environment hard-to-live places to “gentle” places
・What you can do with “friends and family” to prevent suicide depression
・Self-care and peer support for suicide prevention
・Mental self-care and peer support for students
・What are suicide prevention supports that can be used by “close adults, friends, and lovers” around you?
・Suicide depression prevention measures for adolescents and adolescents
・Additional measures to prevent suicide and mental illness

Main lecture / training results

・Light Ring has provided youth suicide prevention training and lectures for a total of 13,340 children (elementary school to university students) nationwide.

・Lecture examples
Overseas: WHO-sponsored National Private Network Forum for Suicide Countermeasures Panelist, Australia, University of Melbourne – Lecture Title: The social issues and social works of youth mental health in Japan.

Domestic: Waga Higashichu, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, Kawasatochu, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, Takarazuka Higashitaka, Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Tezukayama University, Nara Prefecture, Nagasaki University – “Lectures for faculty and staff to prevent suicide”, education for each municipality, etc. Many institutions, government agencies and other private companies.

See below for other details.

Lecture fee

Please feel free to contact us even if you have a limited budget (we can discuss further on the fees for outstanding circumstances).

General fee: From 100,000 yen + transportation expenses (restriction time: about 2 hours)
* Lecture fees may change depending on travel time, lecture content, and lecture time.Please note.
* In principle, the lecture fee will be transferred to a corporation.

Lecturer introduction

Voice from the local government

Mr. Tsukamoto, Health and Welfare Department, Fukuchiyama City Hall, Kyoto Prefecture


“In the lecturer’s talk, there was a topic about ” skills necessary to support people close to us”. When consulting friends or families who are depressed, rather than worry too much about measuring the correct sense of distance and try to draw an immediate conclusion, it is much better to reduce the depressed person’s “anxiety” and try to deep dive into their issues to get a comprehensive picture of the problems. I find it important and I would like to make use of it in my future work.”

Achievements of last year

January 28 –
Sponsored by Koto Ward Office, Tokyo Lecture on “Current Situation of Young People with Difficulty in Living and Various Factors Leading to It”
January 29 –
Miyagi Prefecture Suicide Countermeasure Subsidy Project “Youth Suicide Prevention Training” Dispatched Lecturer
February 22 –
Lecture “Self-care of the heart-Can you give SOS?” Sponsored by Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture
March 2 –
Lecture by National University Corporation Nagasaki University “Difficulties and Impacts of Youth Communication-What Young People, Faculty and Staff, and Families Can Do”
April 19 –
Japan Tobacco Inc. Lecture on “Tips for Relationships with Young People Who Are Not Good at Communication”
July 8
Inochi Gakusei Project (Osaka University) sponsored “Thinking about suicide from young people-To know the actual situation of suicide of young people and to be a helper” Lecture
August 8 –
Lecture “Making hard-to-live places into gentle places” sponsored by Shonai Town, Yamagata Prefecture
September 3 –
Lecture on the suicide countermeasures project in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture “What is hunting down the younger generation?
October 27 –
Lecture by Japan Psychiatric Nursing Association “Introduction of Light Ring. Activities and Awareness-raising Activities on Mental Illness”
November 18 –
sponsored by Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture, “Are you able to issue SOS? Are you aware of SOS?” Lecture
November 25 –
Aomori Prefectural Pharmacy Association 37th Aomori Prefectural Pharmacy Association Academic Conference “Connecting Life” To prevent suicide and mental illness ~ What you can do to snuggle up ~ “Lecture
November 27 –
Iwate Prefecture Kitakami City sponsored “NPO corporation Light Ring.-Creating a mechanism to prevent suicide of young people-” Lecture
December 2 –
sponsored by Satsumasendai City Hall, Kagoshima Prefecture “What is the difficulty of living for young people?” Lecture
December 11 –
sponsored by Toyama Prefectural Heart Health Center Lecture “Let’s notice the sign of”
December 18 –
“Gatekeeper training (course for 20s to hone the ability to support people close to us)” sponsored by Nishitokyo City Hall, Tokyo